5 Habits Helped Me Build an Audience of 8k on Social Media in 2024

For social Media Creating an audience isn't challenging, but understanding the fundamentals is essential .

Developing an audience reaps substantial rewards. Possessing a diverse social media following opens doors to selling, attracting clients, and various opportunities. Yet, a mere 3% achieve success in audience building. What causes this low success rate?

Having cultivated a 10k-strong social media audience, I’ve identified key factors essential for audience growth. Here, I’ll share these insights.

Let’s delve in.

1. Posting stories on social media

I have a fondness for stories, and it appears others do too. The size of your audience hinges on your ability to weave a compelling narrative. Stories have an unparalleled selling power. To truly excel, I recommend honing your storytelling craft.

Share personal anecdotes and thoughts to captivate a vast audience. Creators who incorporate storytelling often command more attention than those who don’t. Despite not possessing expert storytelling skills, I’ve received numerous comments attesting to the impact of my narratives. This underscores the significance of storytelling as a primary driver behind my audience.

2. Mindful engaging

Receiving attention is contingent on your ability to engage. Whether it’s Twitter or LinkedIn, active participation is vital. Major creators foster communities through consistent engagement on social media.

Engagement not only establishes your authority as a creator but also cultivates genuine fans and friendships. Therefore, make it a habit to always interact with others.

3. Helping others

Your audience becomes genuinely interested when you provide value. Offering assistance, whether through valuable content or advice in direct messages, attracts more people. Building connections with fellow creators and followers is facilitated through helpful interactions. Personally, responding to my direct messages has played a significant role in gaining authentic fans.

4. Consuming content

Consume and create, it’s my simple mantra. If I don’t read I don’t get ideas. So I consume as much as I can. I read and new ideas flow in my mind.

If you want to build a big audience consume as much as you can.

5. Study algorithm

The final stage doesn’t happen overnight; patience is key. Observing and understanding the intricacies of the platform where you’re cultivating an audience is crucial, as each algorithm functions differently. Identifying optimal posting times and understanding your audience are pivotal. Once these aspects are discerned, the journey becomes smoother. Take the time to observe the algorithm. These are my five lessons. What are your thoughts on them?


In the realm of social media, building a substantial audience involves mastering storytelling, consistent engagement, and offering valuable assistance. Patience and understanding platform algorithms are paramount for success. Buluts, or clouds, symbolize the ever-changing nature of this digital landscape. Just as clouds transform in the sky, social media platforms evolve, requiring adaptability. Embracing these lessons, one can navigate the online sphere effectively, fostering connections and reaping the benefits of a thriving digital presence.

Ultimately, the synergy of strategy and flexibility under the metaphorical clouds paves the way for a successful journey in the dynamic world of social media.

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